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Since we're in the middle of who knows where and Starfleet is nowhere to be found, we can't exactly administer the Kobayashi Maru exam. However, if your character wants to join the crew, they will still have the option to do so! Starfleet is supposed to be la creme de la creme de la creme, so despite a great need to fill positions, the captain can't just accept anybody as part of the crew. Wearing the uniform means shouldering a lot of responsibility, and not only having access to restricted and potentially dangerous areas of the ship, but being privvy to sensitive information. We want to make sure your character is a good fit before we just hand over the keys to the shuttlecraft.

So if your character expresses interest in joining up, the captain will conduct an interview. Present will be herself, the first officer, the ship's counselor, and Ensign Briggs, who has Betazoid ancestry and, while not a true telepath, is extremely perceptive about others. This interview can be conducted at any time--you don't need to ask permission or schedule an appointment--just fill out the form below and leave it in a comment. These comments will be screened permanently, to ascertain that everyone's answers are completely their own. If we feel your character is a good fit, a final exam will be prepared. This exam will consist of a situation that will change depending on the current location and status of the ship. It may be a feat of physical prowess, or a more psychological test, it all depends on your answers, and our current resources. If you pass the test, you will be given the title of Acting Ensign, and depending on your activity level and your actions in-game, there may be promotions in your future!

Why should I join?
Joining the crew will give you access to restricted areas of the ship (depending on your skills and specialties), and may entitle you to a better or single-occupancy room in the future. Crew members may also be privvy to IC knowledge that other characters will not receive, and may be given specific plot opportunities not available to civilians. OOCly, players who are part of the crew may be given advance notice of upcoming events and may be consulted if changes are planned that could affect the game as a whole. Crew members will not have to make extra AC, but we will expect crew member characters to maintain an acceptable level of activity, and to be involved in plots and situations where their character's skills and position would demand. If you fall behind in activity without taking a hiatus, or if your character behaves in a manner unbecoming a military officer, they may be demoted or even stripped of their rank, so please keep this in mind.

Still up to the challenge? Please fill out the form below. There are two sections: an IC section where your character must answer questions as though in a formal interview, and an OOC section where you as the player tell us anything your character selectively avoided in the interview. Both sections are mandatory. There is no minimum length requirement, but please bear in mind that if your character does not answer the interview questions satisfactorily, they may not be found an acceptable candidate for Starfleet. Filling out this form does NOT guarantee that your character will be made a formal member of the crew. If you have any questions, please contact a mod via PM or Plurk.

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